The real thing~

Hi there!
Surf has been fun for intermediate and advanced surfers every day this month!
Sun burnt and exhausted from surfing every day is a great feeling, but it takes time to get there.
It really depends on how well you understand your weaknesses and how well you train yourself to get over those weaknesses.
Every one is different,which means there is no single workout or method that’ll work for every individual to progress.
It’s not easy to really know yourself. If it was we’d all be perfect beings
It’s easier when someone tells you what your weaknesses are, but then again it could feel offending. If you feel offended when your instructor spots your weaknesses, then you probably need to learn to be humble and cool headed~
Arrogance, impatience, aggression, cussing and expressing your own personal feelings at the moment won’t get you very far; plus it’s very offending to the people around you.
Surfing is a sport where you fit yourself in Mother Nature that continuously flows; once it starts moving, it’ll keep on moving until its energy explodes and dissipates.
The only way to understand it is to stay calm and cool headed and feel gifted to be able to be a part of that flow; you can’t win against the forces of nature, you flow with it. 

Come see the real thing and learn what your weaknesses are and gain your confidence through knowledge and experience.
There is no other place that allows you to learn and experience it; it could save you when shizzle hits the fan.
Surfing is not just all about walking out to your point and having your instructor guide you into a six inch ripple and holler praises at you.
And don’t think that since you were able to stand up on your board without paddling that you know what surfing is; paddling is 90%of surfing and it ain’t easy. It’s intense; working out at the gym and getting buff is not going to help your surfing much unless you plan on squatting 225 on your board while flying down the line like it’s a new craze~
Anyways~ proper attitude is key~ just like doing any other thing. 
Positive vibes to you and keep your spirits high~~