🌴Surf Lessons and Rentals 🌴
There will be no cancellation fee charged to you if you make your cancellation or postponement by 
72 hours prior to your surf lesson. 



The 72 hour cancellation policy applies to every booking you make.

You willbecharged the full amount of ¥15,000 per person for a private 3-4 person private group, ¥17,500 per person for a private pairgrouplesson, or ¥20,000 for private lesson per person for any later cancellations or postponements.

All possible measures including international transportation and assistance in locating you will be taken if ignored and the expenses incurred will be added to your cancellation fee and collected from you at the end, so please  

Think twice before you make your reservation because we will have surf lessons rain or shine as long as we consider surf conditions to be appropriate for you.

We do our best in making every participant’s surf experience

a memorable one, so please cooperate.

We do not accept any excuses from you to cancel your lesson within 72 hours no matter what; for example injuries, hangovers, rainy weather or cold mornings, surf report says 0-1foot~ etc; no excuses accepted.

There is much to learn any day at the beach with us even if the surf report says it’s flat! And we will prove that to you if you think different.


We shall postpone or cancel lessons due to inappropriate surf conditions because we are in charge of the lessons.

We have our lessons rain or shine.

We may cancel lessons if the weather and conditions are inappropriate.


If you choose your date and that date will seem to be affected by stormy weather conditions , we will notify you 3days in advance of your lesson date.


If the surf conditions suddenly change the night before your lesson, which occasionally happen, we will then notify you in the morning of your lesson by 6 AM, so please check your email in the morning.


You are obligated to let us know 72 hours in advance of your lesson date if you want to CANCEL OR POSTPONE your lesson because of any of your personal reasons, such as catching the flu, covid, injuries or misfortune and such unfortunate happenings or not wanting to surf on rainy days , etc.

No excuses will be accepted.

So If you’re going to cancel, cancel 72 hours prior to your booking.

Ex: if your lesson is booked for Saturday from 9:30 AM, you need to make your cancellation by 9:29 AM Wednesday.


There are other participants that want to attend our lessons.


There are participants on the waiting list because bookings become full.

We need to contact them ASAP and see if they are still available so that they can come and attend their awaited lessons.


Please understand this and be responsible for your reservation.


We therefore wish for your punctual cooperation in case you make a cancellation or Postponement.

If you do not understand the above, contact us at our email below:



Imagine yourself in our position, and all your participants postpone or cancel their lessons at the last minute ~ that is totally uncool to us and the others that wanted to come.

If ends aren’t met, you will not be allowed, able to attend, participate in any activities in this area. 

Thank you.