🌴HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023 🌴~~~SURF for FUN !🤙🏾😁🌴

🌴Fit for Life🤙🏾😃🌴

Learn to SURF for FUN like an Athlete! Winter Season 2023 starts mid February ! Make your Reservations now before the dates get booked🌴Perfect for English speakers who want to learn or progress surfing! 😃The one and only surf school that teaches you to be able to surf on your own and progress in English or Japanese 🤙🏾😃Try it out and see what it’s like 🤙🏾😊Winter is a tricky season so you’ll have better chances from February and on unless you have your own steamer suit🤗

😊 There have been many accidents in the water recently 😵‍💫Beginners and intermediate first time visitors with minimal ability of the Japanese language must take surf lessons or hire surf guides before making reservations to rent our equipment for the safety of everyone 😃Due to the ongoing covid situation, we will only have private and private group surf lessons. We value the safety of our participants🤙🏾😃🌴





Surf Lessons 2023
Start February 15, 2023
Learn to Stay Fit and have 
a strong immune system!!
5 minutes away!
If you are looking for a wetsuit,
Order your tailored Surfinesse  suit priced reasonably 
 for a warm and comfortable 
surf season 
🌴Survival Surf Camp 2023🌴
West Indies 
December 2023~January 2024
Rental boards and wetsuits available only after reservations made in advance to surfers with acceptabe experience
 And proper 
Attitude,Behavior and Conduct 
in and out of the water 
Contact us for reservations 
First timers and beginners 
must take lessons
due to 
safety reasons
Surf guides and tours available for surfing in localized peaks for advanced surfers 
to avoid getting hassled by 
The Notorious Peckerheads
ENGLISH Surf Lessons in Shonan 🤙🏾

Fin-S フィンお問い合わせください ¥8,800~

Billingual Surf Lessons Southern Beach Shonan


💀Beware of the evil washing machines 💀

Make your reservations for Winter season 2023 before it gets booked!

🌴😊Be considerate to others that are together with you 😃understand that there are devoted surfers at every surf spot and not only the so called locals😁