🌴ENGLISH SURF LESSONS JAPAN 😃Learn to surf on your own 😊🤙🏾 SURF in FINESSE and Stay Fit for Life🌴

🌴English Japanese Bilingual Surf Lessons🤙🏾😊🌴No mixed group lessons 🤙🏾private and private group lessons tailored for your progression 🌴



Early Summer 2024 Has started 🤙🏾 😊 perfect conditions for beginners and intermediate surfers 😍safety first like no where else😃You must have a reservation made in advance 🤙🏾



Many people have always wanted to surf, however they never really got a chance back home.

Here’s an opportunity for you to try.

We have a variety of spots for various types of surfers.


The conditions at our beach are great for beginners to learn to be safe in the water and enjoy the sport, and they’re perfect for intermediate surfers that want to progress as well.


Looking for a fun activity or workout in Japan?

A new fitness program?

Staying fit and healthy?

Self realization and improvement?


Learn how to Surf in English at the famous Shonan Chigasaki Southern Beach and vicinity!


The one and only original English Surf School near Tokyo, Japan that focuses on increasing your awareness to know what you have to do in the water to progress.



We’re not  the same as the mainstream surf schools 🤙🏾😁


If you’re accustomed to the latter, than this isn’t your ordinary surf school 😊


Our participants love what we do so we’ll continue to do what we do best and progress along with you all 🤙🏾😃🌴



Having the proper Attitude Behavior Conduct Discipline & Etiquette matter

🤙🏾😁 🌊🇯🇵🌏🤙🏾


We can but choose not to push you into catching waves because we value the importance for you to learn to be independent and make your own decisions without our physical assistance as much as possible.


Our participants learn to surf safely with good vibes, calm mind, no aggression and arrogance.


Respect the locals? We rather say, Be Considerate to everyone around you 🤙🏾🤙🏾


We have decades of experience and methods of originality for every unique-differently-brought-up individual to surf for fun 😊


email:  surf@fin-s-jp.com 


We're located about an hour from Central Tokyo by train,

a nice 20 minute walk from Chigasaki station,

and the beach is right in front of us. You can see Mt. Fuji in the back ground too😁🤙🏾What more can you ask for?!😊


Google map Surfinesse Japan for our location.


You must make a reservation in advance in order to attend our surf lessons.  We will send you our registration form for you to fill out and after receiving your registration, 

we will send you confirmation. 


The first inquirer to finish the process will be booked first, 

don’t forget to put other dates that you can come over.





Bring your bathing towel, swim wear, beach sandals, sun screen, something to drink and you're good to go.


Come over in private or as a small group.

Our lessons are three hours long, because there is much to learn on your first day with us.

Two hours is too short. 

You will benefit and gain much knowledge and experience with our three hour lesson compared to taking two cheaper two hour lessons.


First timers at our beach house and beginners that we consider not intermediate yet will be taking private lessons priced at ¥20,000 per person.

 If we consider you a beginner with basic skills after your first lesson with us, 

Private group lessons for 3~5 persons are 

¥15,000 for up to 3 hours per person 


Private group lessons for 2 persons are 

¥17,500 for up to 3 hours per person 


Solo Private lessons are 

¥20,000 for up to 3 hours 


children under 16yrs, and participants who can not swim in open water will have a shorter lesson in the beginning instead of 3hours to avoid heat stroke, motion sickness, over exhaustion or the like.


Your expert trilingual instructors that are professional educators , fluent in English, Japanese will make sure you'll learn and get an awesome workout; 

surfing is fun, but it gets intense. 


We’ll give you home work for you to work on at home everyday for your progression 😃 


Below you'll see some of the things that you'll be experiencing with us.I

Location: google map 

Southern Beach Surf House 

and you’ll reach us easily 


4 Chome-4-12988-112 Nango, Chigasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken 253-0061


Don’t worry. 

You will get wet in the water anyways,

so Lessons will be held 

Rain or Shine.


Eat and Sleep Well 

the Night Before to avoid 

sea sickness!

😃Surfing is a fun sport, 

but it is also a strenuous sport.


Don’t party hard the night before. 

We will not accept intoxicated participants.
Don’t skip breakfast on your lesson day.

Such acts will jeopardize 

the safety of you and the others. 
You may be asked to forfeit your lesson

if we notice any inappropriate behavior and actions.


Surf lessons are held year round, 

every day except Wednesdays and 

days that the surf conditions persist.

We will notify you by email at the latest 

by 8 PM the night before your reservation

if we decide to postpone your session 

due to surf conditions. 

Your reservation will be held so 

do not cancel without notifying us 

72 hours before your reservation 

or else you will be responsible 

for the full amount of the payment. 


If you want to surf the best season, 

January to April, 

we suggest you bring your own steamer 

full suit for maximum comfort. 

If you don't have one, 

let us know and we'll measure you up ASAP 

for a tailor made wetsuit for you to purchase.

It'll take about two weeks and 

it’s cheaper than getting a main stream suit 

with unnecessary blings.

Made in Japan with quality Japanese material.




We will let you know.

We will notify you if there may be 

a slight change to the time we start

due to unexpected circumstances.


Have your swim wear on (ladies especially) 

when you come over

so that changing into your wet suit 

would be easier and quicker.


*Dont forget to bring hydration 

during the summer season!

The sun is brutal, and you can easily 

get heatstroke!

We will have a cooler bag ready 

to put your drinks in.





You won't recognize how much 

you're getting dehydrated 


REGISTRATION First come first serve!
Register for surf school in advance by email or CLICK THIS🤙🏾


We will confirm you ASAP.
 email surf@fin-s-jp.com 



you will not be admitted 

if you’re intoxicated or 

If you did not make a reservation.




If the surf conditions are bad,

We will decide, and 

we will notify you to your 

registered email or phone number

by 8:00 pm of the night before of 

your scheduled class.


3~4 persons private group 

¥15,000 per person 

for a three hour lesson.


2 person private group 

¥17,500 per person 

for a 3 hour lesson 


Private Lesson 


for a three hour lesson 


Payments in cash only.


We do not accept 

credit cards or 

Any Other Forms 

of Payment 


Please be aware that 

if by any chance 

you do not

have cash on hand 

and need to pay using your

credit card, 

a 10% extra fee will apply. 

You will be provided with 

a nice shower after surfing.

Click Here For Reservations!


Cancellation Policy

There will be no cancellation fee

charged to you 

if you make your cancellation 

by 72 hours before your lesson. 
You are responsible and 

will be charged 

the full amount 

for any later cancellations 

without any exceptions.

Any extra expenses 

used for locating you and 

the collection of 

The Cancellation Fee

including judicial, immigration, 

international transportation 

will be added and collected from you.

Please be punctual.

Take good care of yourself before your booking

We do our best in making 

every participant’s surf experience

a memorable one. 

We therefore wish 

your punctual cooperation 

in case you make a cancellation.

email surf@fin-s-jp.com 

If ends aren’t met, 

you will not be allowed, 

able to attend, 

participate in any activities 

in this area. 

For further information go to:

The Cancellation Policy page.


Surfing is a fun sport that could be done by anyone when the ocean is calm.

A few hours of lessons elsewhere does not categorize you as an intermediate or someone with basic skills just because you were able to get up on the surfboard.  

There’s much more to it.

Unlike Skiing or snowboarding, surfing is done in an uncontrolled environment, which categorizes it as a dangerous sport. 
The ocean that you will practice in is constantly moving, and for a novice surfer, the odds may be against you at certain times. 
The ocean is not your friend; it will not understand you, nor would it ever time out for you.
You have to understand and respect the ocean for your own safety. We are here to support and assist you, but You will be responsible for yourself and whatever you do and take to the beach. 


Take off your earrings and rings and whatever blings you have on you if you don’t want to lose them in the turbulence of the waves.


We will be there to assist you for your surfing and safety so we expect you to follow our instructions carefully and seriously. 
If you feel safe by insuring yourself, we suggest you do so 

in advance.. 


If you are driving over, please keep in mind that there are traffic congestions to alter your arrival. We will start on time and we expect you to be here on time. Use the public transportation and enjoy your lunch after surfing and return home safely. We look forward to seeing you here at Surfinesse Japan for your ultimate experience with our Mother Ocean!
Thank you,
Surfinesse Japan Staff 




Your Instructor

Nick and Geo

Love the Sea~~

over 30 years of fun surfing

over 25 years of surfing globally 

over 15years of surf instructing

still progressing proactively😊

Self realization and progression 

with a positive spirit 🤙🏾😁🌴🌏

Stay Fit and Safe !