Rental Boards and Wetsuits 🤙🏾😊🌴 Due to the many accidents and incidents in the water recently with beginners and intermediate surfers, no matter how good you are, you will first need to make a reservation online for a guided session or a lesson. 🤙🏾 You can then make reservations for rentals if we feel comfortable with your overall performance. We’re sorry; No walk in rentals.

Attention:  Rental boards and wetsuits are available only to those who have had proper experience in surfing here with us.
You must know the rules , etiquette and manners to avoid problems with others in the water. Those who do not have the right vibes for surfing may not rent our quiver.

Rental boards are priced at ¥9,500 and wetsuits for ¥3,500 per person for 3 hours.

We will provide you with the local rules and surf information for your session.
First timers no matter how advanced you are will need to either take a lesson, or hire a surf guide , for a fun time in the water 😃
The 72 Hour Cancellation Policy applies.
Reservations must be made in advance.
for further information and we’ll get back to you ASAP.
You will be responsible for yourself and any actions you take. Do not mishandle the quiver you rent.
You will pay for damages made so be careful!

Rental Bikes

You can rent bikes at our place for ¥2,000 from 0900 until 1600 sharp!
We will provide you with the necessary information and rules on biking the coast line.
for information and reservations.

BBQ Rental Setups

If you want to barbecue all of a sudden after reaching our beach, let us know and you can rent equipment until 1630.
Barbecuing is only allowed at designated spots under permission and you will be fined for doing it wrong.
Bring your food and drinks and take home your garbage.

Attitude Behavior Conduct Discipline Etiquette