Come over for a few consecutive days of surfing!
Stay over at The Guesthouse 
to make things easier and comfortable for you  
A three minute bike ride from the Guesthouse to the beach and our beach house 
Lots of good places to wine and dine in the vicinity
Only a short walk from Chigasaki Station 
A short ride on a community bus
Very affordable for a 
memorable holiday or vacation 
At The Beach 
Various rooms available for Responsible travelers, 
well behaved couples,
and modest families 
Reservations definitely required in advance 
Especially during high season 
Prices depend on your itinerary and season 
We will notify you after receiving your responses to the 
Surf and Stay Registration Form which we will text you 
when requested 
Your booking will be confirmed after we receive the full payment 
to our bank account
Plan ahead please  
Surf and Stay Non-refundable 
Japanese room for a family 
A room with all the basic amenities 
Another comfy room for a few nights by the beach 
And another ~
A cozy bathroom