Massive typhoon headed for The Phillipines, Taiwan, and further west~

Hi there ~😁🤙🏾
This is totally berserk ~!
A storm with an intensity of 913hp!😵
Last year for the first time there was a typhoon that got to 895hp or something; the largest in recorded history which wreaked havoc on The Philippines!
In the northern hemisphere, the wind blows counter clockwise around a low pressure system.
The water level also rises a few feet when the eye of the storm approaches.
When it heads west, the winds north of the eye blow crazily from the north East. The swell height and period increases and lengthens obliterating every breakwater, walls, dikes, etc like an approaching tsunami.
Storms have been intensifying year round since a couple of years ago and it seems to be the norm now.
The infrastructure in Japan tend to be sturdier compared to other countries however the last 945hp typhoon that hit western Japan blew roofs, etc like nothing before.
Stay safe The Asian Nations!!🤙🏾
We wish you the the best of luck 🤙🏾