Lots of surf everyday! 2018

Hi there!
The typhoon went by and the surf subsided.
However there is a new swell now from the next typhoon delivering the Shonan area some nice south westerly swells.
This year, most days have had nice surfable waves.
Everyone must be pretty exhausted by now.
The water temperature this year has been warmer than the previous years, so this year it most probably will be  nice and warm until mid November and you could surf with a rental wetsuit until early January.
The best time for beginners to start surfing is during the warm summer months from late June to early October. August is the most crowded season since schools are on vacation and public beaches are restricted from surfing, plus it has the most typhoons. Septembers and Octobers are better months compared to August since school is back on schedule and there’s less of a crowd factor except for those days with epic swells from typhoons.
In November the air starts to get colder, the crowd gets smaller but the water is still warm until New Years. 
The air starts to get radically cold around 10degrees Celsius from December and the water temperature follows getting colder peaking around February. This is the best time to surf for intermediate surfers with their own board and wetsuit because of the minimal crowd factor and nice swells from low-high pressure systems that pass by this time of the year.
Then as the days start to get longer around the spring equinox, the air and water temperature start to rise again and more people start coming to our beaches. The seasonal low pressure systems from the west start to come one after the other bringing rain for the spring-green and blossoms.
So surfing is an all-year-sport once you have your own tailor made wetsuit that fits you perfectly and keeps you warm and light. (Off the rack wetsuits that fit perfectly are hard to find .)
The best way to improve your surfing is to keep on surfing; know surf know fun!
See you at the beach!!