Autumn Equinox ~ the season changes~

Hi there~!😁🤙🏾
In two weeks , the summer madness will shift into comfortable drier mellowness.
The temperature outside will get cooler in the shade, and the southern winds will start calming down. But the water will still stay warm! 😙🤙🏾
It might feel a bit chilly when the wind blows even when it’s sunny, so start using a long sleeve short john wettie.
The nights will become longer and the days shorter which makes the Leafy green veggies taste better and keep your alkaline level balanced.
It’s another great time of the year! With four distinct seasons, Japan is a very beautiful island and we are gifted to see the beauty through out the years.
However , getting adjusted to the seasons are a bit tricky ~ if you don’t take good care of yourself, you can come down with a menacing cold.
Eat , sleep, and exercise well and you should be fine👻