Find out and know where you’re at and start progressing from there

Hi there 😁🤙🏾
It’s important to understand that we’re all at different levels when starting something new.
Some know how to swim in the ocean, some are scared of waves, some may feel comfortable in cold waters, and etc~~
So it’s only natural that we progress uniquely.
And it’s only natural that we will have to start at the bottom and work our ways up.
There’s no skipping steps and corners. 
You might be a great swimmer in the pool but if you have never seen or played in the ocean which occupies 70% of our planet, then it’s only natural that you won’t be comfortable in it until you have had enough experience in it. If you’re not comfortable in it it’ll of course take longer to progress, but the cool thing is, you keep progressing every time you go out, until one day you’ll feel totally comfortable with what you thought was impossible back then.
If you have had interest in the ocean all along but have never really had the chance to experience it, now is your chance to ~ 😁🤙🏾🤙🏾
I was always scared of the sea , and I sucked at sports, but I always loved what I have been doing and now I am able to keep progressing further on because I found out that we all must start at the very bottom and work ourselves up ~~ total bliss🤙🏾😊