Golden week !!

Hi there!
Golden week started in rain and surf for everyone.
Rain is not a problem for us surfers since we get wet anyways.
Don’t be afraid to get your face or hair wet when surfing. Many beginners tend to do this especially in small surf and it’s a verydangerous habit !
Don’t ever keep your head up and out of the water when you pearl in small waves; that board of yours will flop right on top of your head. You can get injured pretty badly if you’re at the wrong spot.
Go with the flow and stay in the water long enough until it’s safe to surface. Protect your head and face when surfacing. And don’t just stand there like a stork wiping the water off your face and fixing your hair  cussing about your pearl. Instead blink the water off your eyes and check around you to see if you’re not in anyone’s way and move on forward to your next wave , 😁🤙🏾