So refreshing!!

Hi there 😃
Thanks to the rain the other day, the mountains and the fields look much greener today in this hot clear sunny day. A quickie before the thermal onshore at low tide is so refreshing that it makes my day so much more constructive 🤙🏾😁

Every time it rains, The rain water gathers into the gutter which flows into the rivers and ends up in our ocean.😵
That piece of garbage that you see on the street will eventually end up in our ocean.
It’s actually everywhere; we need to learn to live with that or get rid of everything that’s made of petroleum and etc, which will make it very hard for everybody on this planet to keep on living their convenient lives . 
Are you willing to give up every thing around you that causes harm to our environment?🤔
 I doubt it can be done now, however we can at least try not to litter or mAke waste with what we buy. 
Top down, education must be revamped for our future 👻