Risk management

Like I always say, everyone starts at a different level ~
Some are able to stand on one foot with their eyes shut, some can’t ~
We’re all different 😊
When starting something new, you will get stuck sooner or later or right away 😜
No matter where you start, you must know how to confront situations you encounter ~
That’s what risk management is, and you’ll deal with it at some point while being in the water.
You won’t recognize someone who is drowning until it’s too late unless you’ve experienced it.
Stay calm and relaxed; don’t get hyper and focus selfishly on your self.
Have a wide vision with your eyes out to the horizon and 360 🤙🏾😜
If you’re not fit for surfing, go to the beach more often, not the gym 👻
See you in the water~🤙🏾😊🤙🏾